Like the cylons, I have a plan.

Kelley Eskridge, writer and editor extraordinaire, gave me FIFTY PAGES of single spaced notes this summer.  Last month, I finally finished responding to them for myself, creating a chapter-by-chapter outline of a detailed revision plan with all sorts of coded text (italics, bold, underline).   Now, I am going back through my novel, chapter by chapter, and EXECUTING on those revisions.

She cracked my book open like an egg!  So excited to whip it up with a fork and make it delicious.  There are some key changes for those who have read before.  The suggestions are entirely manageable though, and true to my vision.


Three chapters down, (updated here) fifteen to go.  I WILL finish this draft in the next several months, and start querying agents in late spring/early summer.



New Milestone

Just did a thorough revision of my novel, which bulked it up about 7,000 new words (so I’m at 92,000 now).  More character development of Ella’s brother Trevor and her parents, mostly.  Big shift in a plot point, too.  Big thanks to Jen Cross and the rest of the Dive Deep Writing Group this winter, as well as Caroline Leavitt for her painstaking notes.

The journey isn’t over yet, but I feel proud today.

Pirate Radio—ARRRRR!

Next Friday, September 14, Pam Benjamin will be interviewing me and I’ll be sharing some of my work.  8-10 on This was the woman who was writing poems on the spot on her old-fashioned typewriter at Zine Fest. It was awesome!!!  Looking forward to this show for sure.  She had 18,000 downloads last month, so you know this show is the bizness. 🙂

San Francisco Zine Fest!

Had a blast at Zine Fest today with fellow “New Bay Area Voices” writers Keely Hyslop and Pam Benjamin.  Got to hob nob with friends and fellow artists and subversive culture makers.  I sold poetry chapbooks and one Ella Verse chapbook.  Yay to writing and readers and community!   

Recent Gay Bashing Assembly at a High School in Iowa

Wow.  I just found this super scary gay bashing high school assembly in Iowa.  A Christian rock group tried to show kids how cool it is to hate.   Since my novel is about gay teens in Iowa, things like this remind me that my book really does have a purpose in this world.  Though of course, I wish this shit would stop.  Like, yesterday.  No, actually, let’s have an alternate history where queer desire was never seen as a problem.  That book would also have a purpose in this world.

Let the Queries Begin

I am in the process of polishing up my query letter so I can send it off to agents.   I have been researching on this very helfpul site: Query Shark.   My “About the Book” page has been updated to reflect my latest query draft.  If you have any comments about this new draft–how enticing or concise or useful it seems or doesn’t seem–feel free to leave a comment, especially if you know a thing or two about query letters yourself.   For others on the agenting quest, I’ve been using another helpful website called Query Tracker which allows you to research agents online and also keep track of your search and submission process.

Overview of Novel

Complete at roughly 78,000 words, The Ella Verse is a speculative fiction novel that explores the relationships between trauma, sexual identity, political transformation, and time travel narratives.