Monthly Archives: September 2012

Pirate Radio—ARRRRR!

Next Friday, September 14, Pam Benjamin will be interviewing me and I’ll be sharing some of my work.  8-10 on This was the woman who was writing poems on the spot on her old-fashioned typewriter at Zine Fest. It was awesome!!!  Looking forward to this show for sure.  She had 18,000 downloads last month, so you know this show is the bizness. 🙂

San Francisco Zine Fest!

Had a blast at Zine Fest today with fellow “New Bay Area Voices” writers Keely Hyslop and Pam Benjamin.  Got to hob nob with friends and fellow artists and subversive culture makers.  I sold poetry chapbooks and one Ella Verse chapbook.  Yay to writing and readers and community!