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Elevator Pitch

Ella and Cane, two queer teens in Iowa, fall in love. Then Ella time-travels to the eco-apocalypse and returns determined to save the planet from climate change. She must choose sides: her father’s green energy corporation or her girlfriend who fights it.


ELEVEN ELEVEN (formerly titled ELLA’S VERSE) is a 99,000 word, young adult, science fiction, own voices novel.

I was waitlisted at Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop in 2018.  I teach English and Creative Writing at Los Medanos College. I am a Lambda Literary Fellow in Fiction. I write for The Body is Not an Apology, a website that had 1.2 million unique visitors in 2016.

I currently have an anthology that I am co-editing with Kelechi Ubozoh that will be published with North Atlantic Books Summer 2019.

I am currently seeking representation for ELEVEN ELEVEN.