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Dear __________,

Ella Harris is a bright, sensitive fifteen year old in Iowa in 2011. Clara Cane is her fierce and larger-than-life girlfriend. Ella has known for years that 11:11 holds some kind of power, but she hasn’t known what kind until 11/11/11, her birthday, when she time travels hundreds of years into the desolate future and learns she is Chosen—Chosen to go back in time and warn the world about eco-apocalypse.

Her activist brother, Cane, and a group of teens form a coalition with Occupy to halt global disaster. But Ella’s father, CEO of “green energy company” CloverCo has a different idea. Ultimately, the paradox of time travel riddles Ella’s plans—why was she really Chosen?

The Ella Verse is a YA Sci Fi novel complete at 100,000 words.  I have an MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College.  I have studied with Nicola Griffith at Lambda, Nick Mamatas at San Francisco Creative Writing Institute and Elissa Schappell at Tin House.  I write for The Body is Not an Apology.




Liz Demi Green



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